Michigan AG asked to review 2014 death of man restrained by Northland Mall security

Man died with multiple security guards on his back

AG is asked to review 2014 death of man restrained by Northland Mall security.

DETROIT – Attorney Jerry Thurswell calls it a death extremely similar to that of George Floyd.

“His chest was compressed he wasn’t breathing. You’re saying I can’t breathe. What more do you need. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. And they just continue to sit on his back,” recalled Thurswell.

McKenzie Cochran died with multiple security guards on his back following an altercation at a LA diamonds store where he allegedly threatened a clerk.

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Cochran could be heard on cell phone footage telling officers he couldn’t breath. Sadly the 25-year-old would later die from those same injuries. The security guards were never charged.

“It's the same cases boy. You know why the Oakland County prosecutor decided not to issue charges six years ago is beyond me,” said Thurswell.

Since then, his family have been searching for any type of justice they could find.

“He left a brother who's a police officer. He left the sister who is a nurse, and the most loving caring mother,” said Thurswell.

At least they can take comfort in learning that the current Oakland County prosecutor is now asking the state attorney general to review the case.

“I think Dana Nessel attorney general, is going to take this case, and she’s going to take the bull by the horns and she’s going to prosecute. It’s too bad that Floyd had to die. To bring justice to the Cochran family, in this case, maybe, maybe of charges have been brought six years ago, and the public was aware what happened. Maybe the Floyd case could have been avoided,” he said.

Thurswell brought up a popular phrase, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

But he says he thanks God it’s not going to be denied forever.

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