Meet the ‘Artist On The River’: Detroit artist has been visiting the riverfront to paint for almost 30 years

Artist spreads positive messages

DETROIT – The Detroit Riverwalk first opened to the public 13 years ago, but one local artist has been enjoying the view long before it was even a riverwalk.

Artwork is a way people can express themselves from childhood all the way to retirement and that’s the story for a man who calls himself the “Artist On The River.”

Sunn Anderson has been coming to the riverfront to paint for almost 30 years.

“This artwork gives me power. I’m able to express myself, get my message out there and let the world know what’s going on in this world,” Anderson said. “They built the riverwalk right around me and I remember going down to the rocks to sketch.”

As the riverwalk has evolved, it has become a place for Anderson’s work to be seen.

“With words you have to understand the language, but with art it appears to everyone universally,” Anderson said.

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