Detroit family forced out of home after house collapses, is condemned

Detroit business helping family

A family has been forced out of the home they were renting in Detroit as it began to fall apart around them. The landlord is facing violations from the city.

DETROIT – A house belonging to a mother and her daughter on Detroit’s west side came collapsed over the weekend, and they said their landlord wouldn’t answer their calls.

READ: Detroit family’s home collapses as landlord refuses to answer calls

Eva Hunter, 77, and her daughter, Nikki, were renting a home on West Philadelphia Street on Detroit’s west side. Over the weekend, the house came crashing down.

Now, Hunter is struggling to reduce her life into just a few bags.

“They told us we have to grab what we can. They condemned the house,” Hunter said.

Orlando Robinson rehabs houses. He’s working to get the family into a safe home for the time being. Then he wants to find a permanent home to fix up for the family.

With everything going on, Detroit police and building inspectors are looking for the landlord.

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