Detroit Tigers kick off Summer training camp

Detroit Tigers kick off summer training camp

Detroit Tigers kick off summer training camp Friday.

DETROIT – It has been a while since there was a lot of Pro Sports going on around town.

Baseball is back at Comerica Park, but not exactly. The Detroit Tigers kicked off summer training camp Friday.

Spring training was canceled because of the coronavirus. That means the team has a lot of ground to make up.

The Detroit Tigers are calling it Summer camp. They have three weeks to get ready for a shortened season.

“The greatest thing about baseball is you can make adjustments on the fly,” said Ron Gardenhire, Detroit Tigers manager.

This Major League Baseball season is all about adapting. For pitchers it may mean fewer days of rest or even moving to the bullpen. Gardenhire says he will constantly be evaluating.

On top of getting their bodies in game shape, they all have to wrap their minds around new safety protocols. No spitting, no high-fiving.

“You see them, you smile. We do the elbow bumps. We feel like football players and it’s all good,” said Gardenhire.

On Friday it was just pitchers and catchers. On Monday, it is the full 60 man squad.

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The Tigers are kicking off their preseason training.

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