Edward Khalil’s murder conviction overturned after Wayne County Conviction Integrity Unit investigation

Edward Khalil is a free man now

DETROIT – After spending seven and a half years of his life in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, Edward Khalil is finally a free man.

Khalil was tried, re-tried and lost three different appeals over the years. Through it all, he never lost his faith that he’d walk away a free man.

Khalil, 37, looks dramatically different now than he did nine years ago, when Local 4 got video of him at the murder scene, just before Detroit police snapped handcuffs on him.

“Nice to know you have security, but when you see a security guard blow a man’s head off with a 12 gauge, come on,” a witness said.

Somehow the story changed, and Khalil took the fall.

“I was never interviewed, never interrogated. I was thrown in the precinct for three nights and was taken to the county jail to post bond,” Khalil said.

The Wayne County Conviction Integrity Unit spent a year investigating the incident.

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