9-year-old girl stranded on the way to school in Detroit after bus delayed

Protests allegedly disrupted bus schedule

DETROIT – Nearly a dozen arrests of people protesting in-person summer school allegedly disrupted the bus schedule on Thursday.

It led to some students caught in the rain and a 9-year-old girl left alone for more than a half an hour in a west side neighborhood.

In order to get to her school Taylor Davis is picked up near her home and minutes later transfers to another bus at Dixon Elementary.

On Thursday, the second bus didn’t arrive. Davis was left stranded and stood in the rain for almost 40 minutes, alone.

“A terrible day for me,” Davis said.

The buses are run by ABC Student Transportation. After an initial, “No comment,” the company provided Local 4 with a statement.

The company said it was protesters who blocked the buses and that threw the timing of the routes into disarray.

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