Detroit musician uses pots, pans to become viral sensation

'I play for my daughters,' Forrest says

A Detroit street musician uses pots and pans to become a viral sensation.

DETROIT – He’s known as the ‘Greek Town Hot Box.'

Deon Forrest is pretty popular, not just in Detroit, but all over. As a matter of fact, his latest video on social media got 7 million views.

He calls Rocky’s in Eastern Market, his own studio. Forrest uses pots and pans and half of a stick. He said his setup is very humbling. It reminds him of where he came from.

“Well, I was homeless,” Forrest said.

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Now, his musical talent gives him the happiness he needs, “One day, I was doing the dishes and I kept tapping for at least a year” said Forrest.

But what keeps him going is his motivation, “I play for my daughters,” said Forrest.

Forrest said, he’s doing pretty well for himself now, but he has a dream, “I want to be on stage with a rapper and singer. I want to go to studio with a rapper and singer.”

But when asked if he wanted to play on stage with a new drum set, “No. I want to change the world with this.”

And who can blame him, he already has the tools he needs.

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