Aluminum tariffs could impact Michigan manufacturing

Tariffs on imported metal likely to affect Big Three and more

Aluminum tariffs could impact Michigan manufacturing
Aluminum tariffs could impact Michigan manufacturing

DETROIT – Canada is slapping retaliatory tariffs on $2.7 billion dollars worth of U.S. goods.

It’s the latest development in a new trade feud sparked by President Donald Trump’s decision to reimpose aluminum duties on the U.S. ally. Trade groups believe the decision to reimpose the aluminum duties puts Michigan manufacturing at a disadvantage.

Trump announced he’s renewing tariffs on imported metal -- 10% on aluminum and 25% on steel.

The decision has riled trade groups including those that represent major automakers who warned the White House the move would put American manufacturing at a disadvantage.

After the last round of tariffs in 2018, The Big Three reported billions in lost profits and thousands of lost jobs because of higher prices.

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The trade crackdown comes as the campaign is heating up. In the latest in state polling, Joe Biden leads the president by 11% of the vote. Congressman Dan Kildee wasted no time criticizing the tariffs after a campaign event for Biden.

“The president is trying to essentially us shorthand policies to deal with American manufacturing instead of doing what he ought to do, which is to have an intentional policy and investing in new technology,” Kildee said.

The Trump campaign said the president is “putting America first” and protecting American workers. Kildee disagrees

“That’s not a policy,” Kildee said. “That’s the lack of a policy and it’s not one that’s going to bear fruit for us.”

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