Sumpter Township police, MSP investigating multiple homicide

At least four bodies found, police say

Police are investigating a multiple homicide in the 24000 block of Martinsville Road in Sumpter Township Saturday. Police said there is no evidence of ongoing danger to the community. No further information was released. Anyone with information is asked to to contact the Sumpter Police Department at 734-461-6898.

SUMPTER TOWNSHIP, Mich. – “It was maybe 15, maybe 20 minutes or so, and then I heard the shots and I looked out that back window because it sounded like it was coming out of the woods,” said Chenyere Yisrael.

UPDATE -- Aug. 19, 2020: Sumpter Township quadruple homicide suspect charged with first-degree murder

ORIGINAL STORY: Sumpter Township police investigating multiple homicide

That’s what Chenyere Yisrael heard at about 11:35 a.m. Saturday. She said she just finished doing some yard work and was in the kitchen when she heard the shots.

“There were about five or six shots, maybe seven,” said Yisrael.

Yisraelsaid shortly after police responded to the home on Martinsville Road in Sumpter Township. Local 4 cameras were there as both Sumpter Police and Michigan State Police detectives searched the house both inside and out for clues. Police found four bodies at the home.

“I didn’t know that until you said that,” said Yisrael.

Although this is news to Yisrael, she said she knew something was going on because officers came to her home twice.

“She came up and she came in the yard and she asked me some questions about what I had heard or seen and things about that house,” Yisrael said. “Another policeman came up and knocked on the door and asked me did I have a viewing camera on the house and I said ‘No, I don’t have any viewing cameras.’ I just don’t know what’s going on with people. I just pray for them.”

Anyone with information is asked to to contact the Sumpter Police Department at 734-461-6898.

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