How fans can spread COVID-19 in closed spaces

Air quality expert speaks against use of fans, suggests open windows

How fans can spread COVID-19 in closed spaces
How fans can spread COVID-19 in closed spaces

DETROIT – While a great deal of attention is being paid to wiping down and cleaning common touch points to prevent the spread of COVID-19, an expert in air quality control believes not nearly enough attention is being paid to how we’re cleaning our air.

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Dr. Serene Almomen is an air quality expert and CEO of Senseware in Washington D.C -- a company that designs air quality monitors. She said it’s not unreasonable to ask establishments how they’re cleaning their air.

While few of us are experienced enough to know how to ask and understand the answers about air filtration, she said there are simple things you can do -- like before entering a building, a bar, a classroom, a store, or even a physician’s office, the first thing you should do is look up.

“I always look up and see if there is a ventilation system, because ventilation systems are the most effective systems to remove the virus,” Almomen said. “Because one thing is to know that’s there, but the most important thing is to just get rid of it right?”

The other thing you should look for is a fan. If there is a ceiling fan moving air around, you should move out Immediately. This is especially important for those schools opting for in person learning while the heat of summer is still upon us . Do not use a fan of any kind, in any way.

“All it’s doing is actually spreading the virus if it exists in other areas,” Almomen said.

She said a closed space with an open window is safer than one with a fan.

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