Spires atop Detroit’s Sweetest Heart of Mary Church restored

Project started in Aug. 2017

Spires atop Detroit's Sweetest Heart of Mary Church restored
Spires atop Detroit's Sweetest Heart of Mary Church restored

DETROIT – Two church spires on top of the Sweetest Heart of Mary Church are finally restored after three years.

“We started in August 2017 and I’m happy to say we completed the project roughly two weeks ago,” said Larry Wilk.

Wilk said it’s been a long time coming, but he volunteered to head up this project after his 92-year-old mother demanded him to.

“She contacted me three years ago, August of 2017, with some very sad news that the spires were going to be torn down. I asked her why and she said the city of Detroit had given an ultimatum to the parish to either repair the spires or do a tear down,” Wilk said.

Wilk instantly decided to head up the project, but he said it was important to keep the same look and design of the original church built in 1892.

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“We wanted to stay consistent with the color scheme that was done when the church was first built back 130 years ago,” Wilk said.

Local 4 first told you about the project when they first started the remodeling project in 2017. Wilk said the entire cost for the massive restoration was $500,000. Members of the church like Al Sebastian said looking up into the sky and seeing the two church spires, can catch anybody’s attention.

“It’s important for the city of Detroit for historic preservation, for our Catholic faith and it’s something that’s really a site to behold,” Sebastian said.

The dual spires will be dedicated on Sept. 12 at the “Taste of the Pierogi Festival” dinner.

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