Birmingham family moves to Cheboygan so kids can attend in-person classes

Family says remote learning doesn’t work for them

CHEBOYGAN, Mich. – A family made the call to temporarily move from Birmingham to Cheboygan so their children can attend in-person classes.

It was just a few weeks ago when the Zane family learned that their two children, Mariam and Vivian, would be starting school online this fall.

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Joe and Heather Zane were considering the idea of one of them stepping away from their careers because they knew remote learning wasn’t going to work for their family based on their experience last spring.

They decided a sustainable option would be to move up to their cottage in Cheboygan where their children could attend in-person classes. They said it wasn’t an easy option to take their daughters away from their home and their friends, but for now, it’s what they see best fit for their daughters education.

The Zane family said they want to come back and have their children learn at Harlan Elementary, but they believe this is their best option for now.

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