Corktown neighbors meet with Detroit Police Athletic League over loud concerts

Police Athletic League CEO says he wants to work with neighbors

Detroit Police Athletic League meets with neighbors over loud concerts

DETROIT – Several neighbors in Corktown met with the Detroit Police Athletic League (PAL) to talk about housekeeping issues.

“The liquor bottles, the beer cans I need to pick up. The late music until all hours of the night,” said Erin Gavle.

Erin Gavle lives next door to the PAL stadium, off of Michigan Avenue in Corktown. She said for the most part, they’re good neighbors, but the loud music, trash on the ground and crazy parking jobs, overlook the good.

Local 4 News obtained video of cars lined up on Michigan Avenue in Corktown, causing traffic backup.

Gavle said she wants something to be done.

“It’s just disappointing over years, attempting to work together and hearing, ’Yes, we’re going to make a change and we care about the community’ and still hearing my neighbors, my new neighbors, now complain about the same thing I’ve been complaining about for years,” she said.

CEO Robert Jamerson with PAL said he understands their neighbors’ concerns and it’s important to work together.

“There are sometimes going to be nights where you hope you like the music, but we’re trying to do our very best where we’re listening to the community and be able to address some of those concerns in a reasonable way,” Jamerson said.

Some neighbors said they believe things will get better after the meeting. They actually thanked PAL for hearing them out and what they’re doing in the community.

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