Progress report: Detroit public school students make it through first day of fall classes

COVID-19 changed how the district operates

DETROIT – Students and teachers at the Detroit Public Schools Community District made it through the first day of fall classes.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changed just about everything for how the district operates. There is uncertainty for everybody involved.

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It was a stormy morning, but with the help of umbrella concierge service at Bow Elementary and Middle School in Detroit, students arrived to class.

The building is a hub of three different learning models. Math teacher Voncile Campbell started her day remotely. Of her 36 registered students in her first hour only five showed up online. Parents were also picking up devices and materials so their children could get started remotely.

The school is also a learning center, with no in-person instruction but parents can leave their children to be supervised while they do remote learning.

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