‘Everybody is heartbroken’ -- Woman fatally shot in River Rouge in truck with 2 of her children

Friends, family members gathered to honor, remember Selena Buston

RIVER ROUGE, Mich. – A family said a young mother of five was shot and killed in her car with two of her children inside.

Tears and hugs were shared Saturday between friends and family members of 25-year-old Selena Buston. They honored a mother of five who was shot and killed in River Rouge Friday night while simply sitting in her car with two of her children inside inside.

“I feel so hurt and so painful,” said Grandfather Mike Kahn.

Selena’s grandfather Mike Kahn said his granddaughter didn’t deserve this. Her family came back to the very spot she was killed and held a prayer vigil in her honor. Many have a lot of questions.

“It’s just sad. We are heartbroken. She was a good mother and -- out of the family -- she was so down to earth, and she always worked hard, took care of her kids,” said Kahn.

They each held pink and purple balloons in their hands, symbolizing Selena’s favorite color. As they released the balloons, many released pure, raw emotions. Although Selena is gone and the pain still fresh, they’re hoping they can get closure and justice soon.

“I would like to say that somebody knows what’s going on, who’s involved in it and somebody please speak up, She didn’t deserve this. Family is hurt. Very hurt. Everybody is heartbroken,” said Kahn.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the family to help pay for the funeral costs. You can donate here.

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