Michigan House Speaker questions response to alleged terrorist plot against governor, Capitol

Letter criticizes Michigan governor for not warning legislature about domestic terror plot

Michigan Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield is criticizing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on her response to the alleged domestic terrorist plot against her and the state government..

LANSING, Mich. – Controversy at the Michigan State Capitol continues after an already troubling week, amid the alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap the governor.

The Michigan Speaker of the House is criticizing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on how she handled the situation.

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It’s safe to say it has been a busy and scary week at the Michigan State’s Capitol building, especially after the FBI stopped alleged threats to kidnap the governor. Saturday, Michigan Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield, spoke out about the threats, “I think the plot was evil, plotted by evil men and it needs to be condemned. It was wrong and these White Nationalists need to be put in prison.”

Lee is now criticizing how Whitmer handled the situation, “But what I would tell you is this, there were multiple threats, one against the governor and one against those that work in the capitol. We were in the capitol, every single day and our local law enforcement agencies, were not given notification by the state police or the FBI, and I think that’s a problem,” said Chatfield.

A spokesperson from Gov. Whitmer’s Office responded with this statement, “The governor won’t be distracted by the Speaker’s partisan attacks. She remains focused on bringing Michiganders together to keep people safe and save lives. We are not going to comment on an ongoing criminal investigation.If the Speaker has concerns with this successful law enforcement operation, he should direct them to the FBI and President Trump’s Department of Justice, which was in command.”

I asked Chatfield should the governor be to blame for MSP and Federal Law Enforcement not notifying local agencies?

He responded, “What I can tell you is that the FBI notified Michigan State Police and that is under the control of the governor.”

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"We need to cooperate more. A better message needs to be sent. And now that a couple days have gone by since the plot to attack us both has passed, there are several points that I believe need to be made and questions that need to be asked.

Why weren’t we in the Legislature warned of the plot to take hostages at the Capitol? The plot by these terrorists was against us, too. Why weren’t House sergeants warned? You knew, and we weren’t even given a warning. We had people working in the building every day doing essential work, and their lives matter, too.

I am also alarmed the Lieutenant Governor recently blamed Michigan Republicans for the evil plans of these unstable men. That accusation is inflammatory and untrue, and it does nothing to solve this problem. You chose to blame President Trump instead. The truth is, I started getting death threats to my family at my home the day you said my legislative actions would kill people. Please realize that.

But you should also know that others in the Legislature have been threatened, too. They’ve received threats, letters and calls to their homes. These threats have been to both Republicans and Democrats, but they aren’t given security. They don’t have the state resources to build million dollar fences at their homes. And we were also targeted in these evil plots. That’s why to overcome this, it will take a unified message and not political talking points or partisan finger pointing. It will take leadership.

Now, I’ve been critical of many of your decisions this year during COVID-19. I’ll admit that. I’ve agreed with some decisions, too. It’s important we have these debates. It makes us stronger. It ensures all voices in our state are heard. It’s how our process was designed to work. But we need to do it the right way. Blanket, partisan blame is wrong. It simply further divides us and causes more political strife.

Hatred and violence are wrong, and that’s why I’ve continually denounced it. And I agree, it’s time to tone down the partisan rhetoric and turn “the heat down” as you’ve said. Will you do the same for President Trump? You’ve arguably been his biggest critic this year in the country. You even fundraised this week off this plot, now making it political, which is sad.

Will the Lieutenant Governor turn it down with the entire Republican Party, millions of whom are his constituents? This wasn’t standing tall. It was cheap. We can do this, but we have to make this decision together. Let’s back up our words with actions.

Please know that I am praying for the good health and constant safety of you and your family. I hope you are of mine too. And I hope you will truly and finally allow us to work together to protect the lives and livelihoods of everyone who calls Michigan home. I’m ready. I hope you are, too."

The letter was followed by a series of Tweets by Chatfiled on the topic.