Group pushes Shelby Township police to release, drop charges against protesters arrested Saturday

Charges range from disturbing the peace to felony assault on an officer

DETROIT – On Monday, over a dozen protesters gathered outside of the Macomb County Building to speak out against what they believe is injustice.

Several protesters were arrested in Shelby Township over the weekend. A handful were arraigned in court and charged with disturbing the peace, obstructing, resisting arrest and felony assault on an officer.

“We are here to picket to make sure that our people and our friends get out. And the charges be dropped against them,” said protester, Sammie Lewis.

Original Story: Shelby Township police arrest several people in protest march against racism, police brutality

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It all stemmed from protesters initially demonstrating in Shelby Township on Saturday, which is when the turmoil started.

“Once we stepped onto Van Dyke they charged our crowd. They violently assaulted us and attacked people,” said protester, Nakia Wallace.

Hours later, a second protest was held in front of the Shelby Township Police Department to dispute those taken into custody earlier in the day. Even more were arrested that same night.

“Officers came from behind were not even in the station as officers simultaneously charged out of the station and began to assault us and brutally arrest us in the parking lot of the police department,” said Wallace.

The group is also alleging that one of the protesters was illegally strip-searched during the arrest.

“That was just such a callous act and an egregious display of their power. She was stripped searched by the officers in the middle of the street. It happened. It’s a fact,” said Wallace.

However, body camera footage released by Shelby Township police showed something different. It appears she is fully clothed until escaping the cuffs and removing the clothing herself.

But despite the video evidence, the group will not stop until all charges are dropped.

“As long as Shelby Township is a problem, we’ll be here,” said Lewis.

Tristian Taylor, the organizer of Detroit will Breathe was also arrested. He is charged with refusing to provide a DNA sample to police.

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