Man convicted in 1987 murder case fights to have conviction overturned

Temujin Kensu was charged with murder of college student in Port Huron

Temujin Kensu, formally known as Fred Freeman, has been in prison for more than 30 years for the 1986 murder of Scott Macklem, a student at St. Clair Community College.

However, it’s a murder that at least nine people said he couldn’t have possibly committed.

“This whole case has been manipulated from the very beginning, which is why I have not just University of Michigan and all the innocence groups, but people all around the world looking at it," Kensu said.

UPDATE: Whitmer rejects clemency for man in 1986 Port Huron murder

Authorities pointed the finger at Kensu because of an ex-lover’s ties with Macklem. But Kensu was more than 400 miles away in the Upper Peninsula in the town of Escanaba with his ex-fiance Michelle Woodworth.

“I was with him that entire morning, that entire day. So, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he did not do this crime and that he’s been in prison for over 33 years,” said Woodworth.

“We woke up around that time and we went into town that day."

In lieu of making a six-hour drive from Escanaba to Port Huron in time for the murder, prosecuting attorney Robert Cleland claimed that then 23-year-old Kensu was somehow able to use a charter plane to travel by the time of the 9 a.m. crime.