Wayne County develops COVID-19 data system to share with its communities, school districts

County looking at number of cases, trend rate and positivity rate

DETROIT – In cooperation with Wayne Regional Educational Service Agencies (RESA), Wayne County officials said they have developed a metric system with three key data points to put COVID-19 numbers in context.

“Rather than just saying the numbers are high, we should do something. We’re looking at numbers of cases, the trend rate in communities and positivity rate,” said Wayne County Director of Communications Bill Nowling.

Putting numbers in a metric will give each individual community a COVID risk assessment so both school districts and communities can make informed decisions.

“The way we standardized this is to take the population in consideration and what we use is the daily case average per million and this makes it comparing apples to apples across the board rather than comparing apples and oranges,” Dr. Mouhanad Hammami ,Wayne County chief of Public Health.

Currently, the risk assessment is at the highest level across most of Wayne County. School districts and communities are given the risk assessment in two-week increments but are weekly briefed. It also helps the county know where to deploy those federal dollars to fight the virus.

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