Resolve Solutions Inc. aims to provide support to underserved students

A national non-profit is looking for students in Michigan who need help with college.

DETROIT – A national nonprofit is looking for students in Michigan who need help with college.

When LeAndrew Jefferson graduated from River Rouge High School he was bound for Michigan State University. But then he met Sean Lanier and became the pilot for a new nonprofit geared specifically at minorities.

The nonprofit is called Resolve Solutions Inc. Click here to learn more.

How do you build military leadership and officers ready to serve right out of college? You light the path. And then walk with the students. That’s the ideal behind the nonprofit. Lanier and his team encourage minorities to get their college navigation through them.

The students choose the school. RSI will help students find money, mentors and the path forward to leadership through the military that doesn’t have to end in the military.

Its a path that travels through service to Nation. Now there is a minimal commitment to serve the nation. The organization’s commitment to students is that they will serve as an officer and those lessons learned as a mentee of the organization will follow you through life.

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