Fire at apartment on Detroit’s east side hospitalizes multiple senior citizens

Apartment complex located on Chene, near Lafayette Avenue

DETROIT – Eight senior citizens were sent to the hospital, three in critical condition due to a fire Sunday at the 16-story Parkview Place Apartment building.

“Then I looked out of my door and the smoke was so dark on the other end. It’s time to go,” said resident Katherine Richardson.

Lamont Shirley was in the building to visit his mother. Thankfully, he was in the right place at the right time.

“My brother, he noticed. He said, ‘Somebody’s stuff is on fire,’” Lamont recalled. “I checked the apartments and found out which apartment was on fire. I kicked in the door and pulled the man out.”

The heroic efforts didn’t stop there either. Lamont activated the fire alarm, a move that potentially saved every in the 199 unit building.

“First thing I thought was to save everybody, to save as many people as I can and just get them out the building,” Lamont said. “I just went banging on doors and tried to find the fire hose to put out the fire.”

A man in his 60′s is now in critical condition for 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

“We call him Cecil. He’s a pretty good guy. He’s an elder so I do really hope he’s OK,” Lamont said.

While two others are in critical condition for smoke inhalation, five more residents were taken in for treatment as a precautionary measure. Lamont is just glad he was able to help.

“If it wasn’t for this young man, I don’t think I would be standing here and I just thank God for him,” said a woman who wished not to be named.

“I just hope that these people get the help that they need, especially tonight. Some of them aren’t gonna be able to go home tonight,” Lamont concluded.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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