Flint residents react to expected charges against former Gov. Rick Snyder

Snyder and other ex-officials have been informed of upcoming charges

Flint residents react to expected charges against former Gov. Rick Snyder

FLINT, Mich. – In wake of the news that Michigan plans to charge former Gov. Rick Snyder and other ex-officials in a Flint water investigation, residents said they have been waiting for someone to be held accountable.

“We’ve been destroyed,” said resident Tony Palladeno.

Palladeno said he is destroyed financially as he used to have four houses for rent.

“I cant rent this stuff out... They don’t trust the water,” he said.

Palladeno is too worn down to be the water warrior he’s been in the past, and there is skepticism of the upcoming charges against former Gov. Rick Snyder.

“I really don’t think anything is going to happen to him,” he said.

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Arthur Woodson was maybe the original water warrior, hounding the city from the start. He said he finds it refreshing that a politician -- in this case, Attorney General Dana Nessel -- kept a campaign promise.

“She has held her end of the bargain, because the evidence must’ve led to Gov. Snyder because he’s being charged. I am ecstatic,” Woodson said.

While the issue is being addressed on the criminal side, Woodson and other said the settlement money hasn’t covered nearly enough for people impacted.

“For seven long years, we have been sitting in lines. We are mentally drained. And some of us have serious mental issues behind this. And that’s not in the settlement,” he said.

“The people that left here to die, they’re not getting compensated for it,” Palladeno said.

As of late Tuesday night, it is unclear the nature of the charges.

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