Detroit Will Breathe calls on Macomb County prosecutor to drop charges against protestors

Shelby Township police made arrests following protest in October

Detroit Will Breathe is defending the so-called "Shelby Five" -- protestors arrested during an anti-police brutality demonstration in October.

MACOMB COUNTY, Mich.Detroit Will Breathe is calling on the Macomb County prosecutor to drop felony charges against five people arrested during a protest in October.

“We are prepared to keep showing up and demanding accountability,” said Detroit Will Breathe organizer Sammie Lewis.

The organization is defending the so-called “Shelby Five″ -- protestors arrested during an anti-police brutality demonstration. They were charged with resisting, obstructing, assaulting a police officer.

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“When we started marching and had that violent attack on us by the police, that turned into anger because this is exactly what we’re fighting against,” Lewis said.

Shelby Township police said they made arrests after marchers disobeyed orders to remain on the sidewalk and started blocking traffic. One woman was recorded in the back of a patrol car breaking free of her restraints and taking off her clothing.

“At the end of the day, those who break the law should pay for their crimes, and those that don’t break the law will never get charged,” said Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido.

Lucido said people have the right to peacefully protest but must respect the law.

“Justice will prevail if they feel they that have a defendable case, and justice will be served if the prosecution makes their case,” he said.

Detroit Will Breathe said it was protesting in Shelby Township after Police Chief Robert Shelide posted inflammatory comments against Black Lives Matter protestors.

Shelide was suspended without pay for a month but was allowed to return.

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