Pizza delivery driver says he was robbed, beaten in Lincoln Park by 4 men

Suspects were waiting across from delivery address

Pizza delivery driver robbed, beaten in Lincoln Park

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. – Four men in Lincoln Park waited for a pizza delivery driver to make a delivery to a house and when he arrived they attacked him.

“This whole interaction lasted 5-10 seconds,” Michael Sauve said.

The assault happened Monday night.

Update Jan. 28, 2021: 4 people in custody in connection with assault, robbery of delivery driver in Lincoln Park

Sauve said he was delivering to an address for a house that existed, but the suspects were waiting across the street.

“It was these four men, they’re all younger than me too. Two of them, I found out, they were juveniles. They didn’t even explain to me, what they wanted at first. They began Tasing me, and then said, ‘Give me all of your money,’ and started taking stuff from me,” Sauve said.

“As I was getting Tased, I wasn’t going down yet. So they started hitting me over the back of the head, with their shotgun and opened up my head like four times, after that happened, they took my car.”

Sauve said he’s glad to be alive.

“I’ve been in good spirits, I’ve been hanging in there. The worst part of the pain, is already over,” said Sauve.

Sauve said he had to get 18 staples on the back of his head, but he said he will be fine.

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