Jeep omits Upper Peninsula in Super Bowl LV ad with Bruce Springsteen

The UP is a real place, despite Jeep map

Jeep Super Bowl spot. (Jeep/YouTube)

DETROIT – We’re not sure why this keeps happening to the Upper Peninsula, but another giant company has decided to erase its existence.

Jeep’s Super Bowl LV spot, featuring Bruce Springsteen, features a map of the U.S. at the end of the commercial -- but it was missing the Upper Peninsula. Just gone. Like it never happened. Jeep is headquartered in *checks notes* Auburn Hills.

The commercial was about finding “the middle,” and uniting the country -- but it’s hard to believe the message when Jeep decided to cut out an entire portion of a state.

On Monday, Jeep released a response to the omission:

“The image of the United States depicted in the commercial is one taken from an actual stone marker which sits on one of the locations filmed in Kansas, which represents the ‘geographical center of the continguous 48 states’. While the image’s intent was to serve only as symbolic reference for the “the middle” of the country, the wider message of the commercial is intended as inspirational and inclusive for all Americans, including our family, friends and neighbors living in the Upper Peninsula.”

Aside from the occasional map error on ESPN or cable news, other companies have insulted our Yoopers, too. In 2019, Mountain Dew launched an entire product campaign that added the U.P. to Wisconsin. What?!

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