‘Create your dream world’: The Pose Experience, a selfie museum to open in Southfield

Museum encourages you to create your own experience

'The Pose Experience' selfie museum to open in Southfield
'The Pose Experience' selfie museum to open in Southfield

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – A selfie museum is opening in Southfield on Friday.

The Pose Experience is a museum where you can escape all the troubles of the world and really step up your social media game. The three women who created the museum said they did it for personal reasons because 2020 was a difficult year.

“My stepfather, who was just like a dad to me, blood couldn’t have made us any closer, passed due to the coronavirus,” Danielle Hughes said.

Hughes said it’s hard for her to talk about her stepfather. He died in April of last year. She started seeing a therapist, Dr. Danielle Penson, who suggested she come up with a positive distraction as she copes with the pain.

“I believe that you can make a moment in the moment and sometimes you need a good distraction to get your mind off of everything that’s going on around you,” Penson said.

Along with their friend Kierra Pack-Henderson, they came up with the idea to create a selfie museum.

“The Pose Experience is an immersive and interactive 3D selfie museum and event space in Metro Detroit located in Southfield, Michigan,” Hughes said.

In just one month they started construction inside a space in Southfield, just off 10 Mile Road.

“A selfie museum is an opportunity to have various stations, we have ten, where you can just come in and create your own experience,” Penson said.

On Friday the women will be holding their grand opening.

“A place where you can come and get your selfie on,” Hughes said.

The women wanted to find a way to bring joy again to their social media pages.

“Our selfie space will serve as somewhere where you can literally create your dream world,” Hughes said. “All of the installations here are pretty dreamy and out of this world.

For Hughes, she said it’s given her strength and she knows her late stepfather would be proud.

“I felt like he was my biggest cheerleader and for him not to see this physically really weighs on me but I know he played a huge role in this happening,” Hughes said.

You can reserve tickets online by visiting The Pose Experience website.

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