Wayne-Westland school staff vaccinated ahead of return to in-person learning

Everyone who wanted to be vaccinated was, district officials say

COVID vaccination efforts boost school plans.

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – While many teachers are reluctant to return to the classroom for face-to-face education, one district has teachers ready, waiting and excited to return Monday.

Wednesday was a big day for the Wayne-Westland Community School district. Of the nearly 1,700 teachers, drivers and staff -- everyone who wants a vaccine has gotten them.

The district arranged for clinics set up just for school staff. They were administered Tuesday, just in time for the first in-person education since March 2020.

Teachers have eagerly been getting their classrooms ready for Monday, when the district will go to a hybrid schedule.

Teachers are essential workers and these teachers feel like their concerns have been listened too, making the return to the classroom a dream instead of dread.

More information on the district’s plans can be found on the Wayne-Westland Community School district website here.

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