Detroit police detective sergeant celebrates 50 years on the force

Detective Sgt. Raymond Yee joined in 1971, has enjoyed it since

Detroit police detective sergeant marks 50 years on the force
Detroit police detective sergeant marks 50 years on the force

A Detroit police detective sergeant is celebrating a milestone unreached by many: 50 years spent on the force.

Detective Sgt. Raymond Yee has spent the last 50 years of his life serving the city of Detroit, and the stories of what he’s seen could go on for days.

“I just couldn’t believe I woke up on February 15th, and said, ‘My God, I’ve got 50 years,” Yee said.

The Detective Sgt.’s long journey in law enforcement began back in 1971.

“I got on when I was 29. I was assigned to the first precinct and, at that time, it was referred to as the ‘China Town,’” Yee said. “That’s why they wanted me down there, because I believe I was the first Asian that was on the job.”

Over the last half century, Yee saw the city of Detroit change and develop -- though he actually never even expected to stay with the Detroit Police Department for as long as he did.

“I intended on after 25 years, but once I got on the job, I met good people and I loved what I was doing,” Yee said.

The love Yee had for his work was honored time and time again, including when he received two Lifesaving Awards.

“A man jumped in the Detroit River and he was about 350 pounds. We had to use some imagination and initiative, so we threw him a rope and we called for a tow truck to get him out of the river,” Yee recalled. “And the other one was, I never thought I would be that foolish, but I saved two people in a burning house.”

Although he loves what he does for a living, Yee says he realizes that all good things must come to an end.

“I’m no spring chicken no more,” Yee said. “My family and other friends want me to quit and enjoy life, but I enjoy what I’m doing.”

Yee says he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll remain on the force, but it’s clear they’ll be years well spent.

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