Clarkston High School students push to free Michigan man convicted in 1986 murder

Port Huron man sentenced in 1986 murder case fights to overturn conviction

Clarkston High School students are calling on officials to free a Port Huron man convicted of murder in 1986.

CLARKSTON, Mich. – A man who has spent 35 years behind bars for murder has some unlikely allies working to help clear his name.

Students at Clarkston High School believe that there is no way Timujin Kensu could have committed the crime, and they’re hoping to convince Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of just that. And these students aren’t the first -- high schoolers from Ohio have also pushed for the release of the man who is believe to be innocent.

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For the second time in the span of about six weeks, grade school students are writing to Gov. Whitmer and other state leaders, pleading with them to free Temujin Kensu. Formerly known as Fred Freeman, Kensu is a man who’s believed to be wrongfully convicted of murder and has been serving time since 1986 for the death of Scott Macklem, who was killed at St. Clair Community College.

Clarkston High School forensics teacher Chris Brosky brought the case to the attention of his students.

“He’s got a solid alibi. There’s no evidence whatsoever,” Brosky said. “They got super passionate about it and decided, ‘Hey, we’re gonna write some letters to the governor, to the judge and to the prosecuting attorney, requesting they take a look into the case.”

The school has also contacted another agency that may be able to help them with the cause.

“What we’re trying to achieve with the letters was attempting to get attention to the conviction integrity unit, who has also been looking at this case,” said high school senior Izzy Kupe.

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The letters show just how much these kids are behind Kensu, and the support that he has from the outside.

“He had over a dozen witnesses who could all corroborate each other stories in Escanaba, when Scott was killed in Port Huron -- those are like six and a half hours apart or so,” said high school junior Steph Enright.

Local 4 reached out to state leaders to see where they stand on the issue of Kensu’s imprisonment, but no responses have been received yet.

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