Discussion on how faith, spirituality has changed during the COVID pandemic

We are entering some of the holiest days on the calendar for some of the world’s major faiths.

DETROIT – We are entering some of the holiest days on the calendar for some of the world’s major faiths.

A Baptist minister, an Episcopalian Bishop, an Islamic Imam and Muslim social activist, the Catholic Chairman and President at InterFaith Leadership Council of Metropolitan Detroit, a practicing Sikh, and a Jewish Rabbi got together to reflect on how faith and spirituality have changed during the COVID pandemic.

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“I think what we’re seeing in many, many cases is a renewed interest in religion and spirituality. People are questioning, ‘What does all this mean?’” Bishop Bonnie Perry said.

They each noticed that the faithful have been working to be closer to their spiritual communities as a way to process the pandemic.

“I feel, like for my personal practice. It’s definitely become more contemplated. I’ve been praying more, practicing more. Meditating more,” Raman Singh said.

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Young people in particular are not necessarily questioning their faith, but have very specific questions for God.

“They’re having questions about God. About, ‘Why did this happen? Why did God allow so many people to die?’” Najah Bazzy said.

Religious leaders weigh in on how the pandemic has impacted faith in the community

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