Detroit teen wants to be vaccine role model to encourage others to get the shot

DPCSD student combats misinformation, hesitancy to be vaccinated

DETROIT – A Metro Detroit teenager is rolling up her sleeve and making herself a model for getting the COVID vaccine.

Rachel Kabala knows many young people who are eligible to receive the vaccine are hesitant and afraid.

“When I was going to get vaccinated, I was excited,” Kabala recalled. “When I got there, I got more excited.”

Kabala, 16, attends high school Detroit Public Schools Community District and she’s made it her mission to get her peers vaccinated too.

“I felt like I was living through history,” Kabala said. “It was amazing.”

She’s done her research, she’s collected her thoughts , put her feelings in writing and she has become a warrior against misinformation amongst her peers and their parents.

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Kabala is hopeful that Michiganders will see her and hear her and choose to believe truth instead of choosing not to.

She’s considering going to college to study bio-medical engineering with a dual major in math.

You can watch Paula Tutman’s full story in the video above.

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