WDIV reporter Larry Spruill documents receiving COVID vaccine

WDIV reporter Larry Spruill documents receiving COVID vaccine

DETROIT – The state is reporting more young people are getting COVID. The city of Detroit said they’re seeing young adults between ages 20-39 testing positive due to various reasons.

Local 4′s Larry Spruill documented his COVID vaccination journey, with hope to help those who are hesitant. Spruill went to Ford Field April 3 to receive his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

“I’ll be honest with you so, I am little nervous. No, I am a lot nervous, but I believe this is the first step to beat this deadly virus that I have been reporting on for over a year now,” he said, walking to the stadium. “This virus that we all have known for over a year, this virus that a lot of you have lost loved ones too and so yes, I am nervous but I believe that I am doing my part.”

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For months, Spruill had been back and forth about getting the vaccine. One day he was all for it and then the next day. But after conducting research and talking to his parents, who are both vaccinated, he knew getting the shot was the right thing for him to do.

Thousands of people waited in line at Ford Field.

“They’re having me fill out this questionnaire form to answer some questions and then after that, I will get in line and start the process,” he said.

Although the line was wrapped around the building, he said the process didn’t take long. Sooner than he realized, it was over.

Spruill said he realized there weren’t many young people between the age range of 20-39, which Detroit Chief Health Officer Denise Fair said is a problem.

“A lot of young people are healthy. They don’t have any chronic diseases but they could be asymptomatic, so they could be a carrier for COVID and not even know it and they’re spreading it around to their family and friends. Don’t think just because you’re young, that you are immune to COVID-19, that’s definitely a lie,” Fair said.