Detroit Police Department prepared for reaction to Derek Chauvin trial

Case now in the hands of the jury

DETROIT – As we await the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, Detroit Police Chief James Craig, made it clear the department is ready for any type of social unrest that happens as a result.

“The Detroit Police Department remains in a state of readiness. I am not taking the verdict outcome lightly,” said Craig.

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Craig says his department is more than prepared to handle any reaction from the trial.

“I firmly believe that regardless of whether these officers are acquitted or if he’s found guilty. I believe based on my judgement that there will be disruptions,” said Craig.

An example used to support that argument were some of last year’s brutal protests in Portland.

“Many in the city probably believed that after the agents were withdrawn, that there would be no further violence. It only escalated,” said Craig.

Although the chief believes Detroit was spared in comparison to the violent protests in other major cities, DPD will not stand for any violence targeting police or others.

“We certainly embrace the right to free speech. We embrace those who protest peacefully, but we have a zero tolerance for any violence directed at any police officers, any violence directed to members of our community,” said Craig.

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