Wayne County to offer in-home vaccinations for homebound residents

‘This is such great news,’

Wayne County's new homebound program aims to bring COVID vaccines to those who can’t physically leave their homes.

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. – Wayne County announced their homebound program in which they are bringing the vaccines to those who can’t physically leave their home.

It’s all a part of Wayne County’s ongoing efforts to increase vaccine access to residents who may want the vaccination, but can’t make it to one of the health department’s COVID vaccine clinics.

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“I was so happy to hear the news,” said Marla Ruhana.

Great news that Marla Ruhana, a Homebound Vaccine Advocate, had to share.

“I immediately shared those resources -- not only with the homebound, but those of them who are older adults,” Ruhana said.

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The homebound program is open to home-bound county residents age 16 years and older. Ruhana said the program is the hope that many homebound patients have been waiting to hear.

“It might be the first time, Larry, since the Pandemic began, that these adult children will be reunited with their parents,” Ruhana said. ”It’s been very disheartening for them, feeling helpless and they want to see them. Some of the homebound, maybe facing end of the life issues, it could be the last time these adult children or friends of these folks get a chance to see them. There are a lot of people in Detroit that don’t have transportation. Our poorest populations that really do need someone who don’t have a support system.”

Ruhana said she will continue to be that support system for those who need it.

“This is just such great news and it makes me to want to continue advocating for all of those who can’t advocate for themselves,” Ruhana said.

County residents should call the phone number associated with the community in which they live to schedule an in-home vaccination. Those numbers can be found here.