Detroit’s chief health officer answers tough questions from resident hesitant about COVID vaccine

Vaccine rate for city residents ‘extremely low,’ mayor says

Tough questions Detroiters are asking before getting vaccinated

DETROIT – As the statewide vaccination rate steadily rises, there are big concerns about numbers in the city of Detroit.

May 6, 2021: Michigan coronavirus cases up to 858,050; Death toll now at 18,054

As of May 6, only about 31 percent of residents have had at least on dose, lagging the rest of the state. Detroit Health Director Denise Fair said she’s doing everything she can to change that.

“If you get it, number one, are you still receptive to getting it again? How effective is it in terms of how long would actually last, as well as how effective is it in spreading COVID?” asked Keyon Clinton.

“Well, I’m so glad that we’re meeting today. You have really great questions and a lot of questions that you’re asking, a lot of other people have the same questions, so thank you for being bold,” answered Fair.

It’s a bold, yet much needed, conversation between Fair and Execution Fitness Coach with 1% Better Nation Keyon Clinton. You may remember Keyon Clinton when Local 4′s Larry Spruill interviewed him in April about why he was hesitant about getting the vaccine. Back then, Clinton said he had a lot of questions and Thursday, Fair answered them.

You can watch the entire interview below.

“So if you get it, and it’s ‘Hey, there’s still a chance you may get COVID,’ our biggest thing is, what’s the point of getting it?” said Clinton.

“Nothing is absolute. Nothing is 100 percent. I’d rather have the COVID vaccine than going to the hospital and possibly not making it out. Black and brown communities are two to three times more likely to get COVID and to die from it. You are a black male and I’m really concerned that if you continue to wait, if you continue to put this off, you too can get COVID,” Fair said.

Fair and Clinton talked for about 30 minutes. They discussed various topics from COVID myths to the low percent of people getting the vaccine in Detroit.

“It’s bigger than me, that’s always been my biggest thing, like it’s bigger than me. It’s about my family, it’s all about seeing my nephews and nieces,” said Clinton.

“So whenever you are ready, you let us know. I don’t mind, I’ll come there and hold your hand,” said Fair.

Clinton said he’s now about 85 percent sure that he is going to get the COVID vaccine.

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Detroit Chief Health Officer discusses COVID vaccine with hesitant resident Keyon Clinton

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