Rough arrest by Taylor police caught on camera

Police chief stands by officer’s actions, says incident will be investigated

Rough arrest by Taylor police caught on camera

TAYLOR, Mich. – Police are reviewing body camera footage of a rough arrest in Taylor that a bystander also recorded and posted on social media.

Taylor police officers are seen using an electroshock weapon and pepper spray in the arrest of a road rage suspect.

Taylor police chief John Blair said every use of force by his officers is investigated and that he will look through all of the body camera footage.

The incident happened near the intersection of Telegraph and Northline roads. Police stopped the driver after a woman said he pursued her in a road rage incident and jumped on the roof of her car.

When the first officer arrived, the driver refused every command the officer gave him and said he’s done nothing wrong. As more officers arrive, the man is asked to exit the car and the man instead explains why he jumped on the woman’s car.

“She stole $200 from me,” the man said.

Once the electroshock weapon was used, an officer placed his foot on the man’s head. There also appears to be a strike to the man’s head.

Blair called it an open and strike and that his officers waited long enough and had no idea if the man had a weapon and was delaying to potentially hurt them.

Blair said he is standing behind his officers 100%, that they did nothing wrong and applauded them for being patient.

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