What comes next after Michigan lifts its mask mandate

Those not fully vaccinated encouraged to continue wearing masks

Michigan lifts major COVID restrictions

DETROIT – For many people it is the fear of those new variants making them very reluctant to let go of the protocols that have made them feel safer for the past 14 months.

While many of us are no longer required to wear masks there are cases where protecting yourself is the safer choice.

On Tuesday, without the mask mandate in place it is a lot like every other day. Some people are still choosing to wear the mask while others are not.

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“I feel more comfortable still wearing a mask because COVID is still out there. I have been vaccinated, but still until time goes on, I’ll feel more comfortable after a while,” said one local man speaking to Local 4 News.

Two women named Jane and Anna are sisters and ecstatic.

They say it feels great that the state is moving forward to a sense of normalcy.

“Mentally it did take some time to get used to, but I did go in without a mask on,” said another local woman.

Others say they will wear a mask where there are large crowds, but avoid putting one on otherwise.

Dr. Frank McGeorge of Local 4 News is weighing in on the facts. He says just because you don’t have to wear a mask, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t in certain situations.

“Anyone who is unvaccinated including children should continue to wear a mask in places where the risk is higher, indoor more crowded areas especially. Also, anyone who might not have complete protection from the vaccine, we’re talking about immune compromised people, they should continue using masks,” said McGeorge.

The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan has risen to 893,582 as of Tuesday, including 19,662 deaths, state officials report.

Tuesday’s update includes a total of 91 new cases and 15 additional deaths, of which 8 are from a vital records review. On Monday, the state announced a total of 893,491 cases and 19,647 deaths.

This is the first time Michigan has announced fewer than 100 cases in a single day since June 15, 2020. That day, when 74 cases were announced, is the only single-day total lower than Tuesday’s since March 18, 2020.

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