Detroit city workers to help vulnerable residents clean flooded basements

23K claims received from Detroit residents

Detroit city workers to help vulnerable residents clean flooded basements

DETROIT – It has been almost twenty days since torrential rain hit Metro Detroit and flooded thousands of basements all across the region.

In Detroit some basements still have water and raw sewage in them and the city is now reaching out to help get those basements cleaned out.

“So because of the large volume of people, this will be an ongoing process that will take months. I don’t want to sugar coat and pretend that everyone will be done in a week,” said Palencia Mobley, deputy director and chief engineer of the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.

Mobley gave an update about the flooding cleanup process to the Detroit City Council on Tuesday.

She said they received over 23,000 claims from Detroit residents, but there are certain requirements, homeowners must meet to get cleaning assistance from the city.

“There are two different processes that are occurring. There is a process for those who meet the eligibility requirements of the poverty tax exemption and they are eligible for certain services based or whether or not they are 65 or older. Someone who is disabled or someone who might have children ages 10 and under in the home,” said Mobley.

If you fit in that group, you’ll be able to ask for sanitation and basement cleaning services from the city.

So far only 1,400 people who filed a claim meet those requirements. The city is also offering debris removal, but that service is only for senior citizens of the disabled.

If you are renting here is what you need to know.

“Landlords have until COB July 19 to make sure their properties are safe. Effective July 20 tenants will be able to call 313-267-8000 to report landlords who haven’t cleaned out basement drains or provided sanitation services as needed by the tenant,” said Mobley.


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