End of an era: No more hot dogs at Home Depot stores in Michigan

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You’re on your way to Home Depot on a Saturday afternoon to pick up 12 bags of mulch for the backyard landscaping project you’ve been putting off for three years. It’s lunch time.

You walk into the store and you’re smacked in the face with an aroma that reminds you that life is worth living. No, it’s not the answer to the biggest unanswered question of the universe. No, it’s even better.

It’s a Home Depot hot dog.

There was always something so beautiful about the Home Depot hot dog, located in the entrance/exit point of every store. Maybe it was the fact that you were working on something all day before realizing you needed a bunch of new carpet. You didn’t even realize you were hungry until you started walking up to the door at Home Depot and caught a whiff of the hot dog stand.

Well, friends, I hope you have a good memory of the Home Depot hot dog, because it’s gone. Hot Diggity Dog, one of the main hot dog vendors for Home Depot in Michigan, announced it has officially closed down, and said Home Depot requested that all hot dog stands close at Michigan stores.

The hot dog stands were unavailable for most of the last year or so due to the pandemic, but it appears they won’t be returning, Home Depot confirmed to Local 4.

Hot Diggitty Dog has officially closed down at Home Depot in Michigan. Home Depot has requested all hot dog stands in Michigan to close.

Posted by Hot Diggitty Dog L.L.C on Sunday, July 25, 2021

Home Depot released this statement to Local 4:

“In March 2020, our in-store food vendors were asked to close for the safety of customers and associates, and the decision has been made to suspend food vendor operations in Michigan so we can focus on serving customers with their home improvement needs. This news was shared with vendors a couple weeks ago, and we appreciate the years and partnership and wish them well in their future business.”

Watch Shawn Ley’s report below:

Michigan Home Depot stores set to do away with hot dog carts.

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