Hospitalized Hamtramck woman worried she’ll lose home after severe storms cause significant damage to roof

Hamtramck firefighters help tarp roof to prevent more damage

Hamtramck firefighrers rally to help fix woman's home

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. – An elderly woman is worried she’s going to lose her home after severe storms caused significant damage to her roof.

The Hamtramck Fire Department put a tarp on the roof to prevent more damage, but it was only a temporary solution. The tarp was damaged during high winds on Monday (Aug. 9).

Local 750 Union President Andy Oleksiak said they could see holes in the roof and it was clear there was a problem. The homeowner is Nancy, 78, is hospitalized with health issues as of Tuesday. She has been battling cancer for 10 years and the cancer has progressed.

Teresa Rush has taken care of Nancy since she was diagnosed with cancer.

“She could literally lose the house,” Rush said. “She has worked her whole life to support me. My dad passed away when I was 10. She didn’t remarry. I’m an only child. She just needs help financially now.”

Rush said she reached out to contractors but they wouldn’t come look at the roof and the ones who did inspect the roof were out of their budget. That’s when a friend posted about the situation and the fire department saw the post.

“She doesn’t know the tarp came off last night. Didn’t want her to worry,” Rush said.

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