Video released after woman hit in head by flying metal at Cedar Point

Woman reportedly hit by metal from rollercoaster while standing in line

Body cam footage captured a woman in screaming pain after a piece of metal from a rollercoaster reportedly hit her in the head.

SANDUSKY, Oh. – A newly released video captures a woman screaming in pain after reportedly being struck in the head by a piece of metal at an Ohio amusement park.

Update: Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster closes for remainder of season after woman hit in head by metal

Body camera footage was released showing a woman in pain Sunday afternoon after a piece of metal came off of the Top Thrill Dragster rollercoaster at Cedar Point and hit her in the head.

You can see some of the body cam footage in the video above.

The woman, whose identity has not been released, was waiting in line for the rollercoaster when she was hit by a piece of flying metal, according to a spokesperson.

The woman was taken to the hospital following the incident. Her condition has not been released.

Cedar Point officials say the rollercoaster is closed and will remain closed until a safety investigation is complete.

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