Michigan Opera Theatre gets innovative to present show at Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre

Organization finds new venue to welcome audiences

Musical organization gets creative with new venue

DETROIT – There is another exciting first for the Michigan Opera Theatre.

As it reaches out to a new generation of theatre lovers the organization is finding exciting venues to welcome back audiences to live performances in safe spaces.

The new production Blue will actually be performed at Detroit’s Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre.

“It’s the story of a Black family in Harlem, a Black man who is also a police officer and his wife. They have a child together. We come back and discover that the son was murdered by a police officer, so facing this tragic loss the family is surrounded by their community and embraced by their community,” said Yuval Sharon, artistic director of the Michigan Opera Theatre.

And once again the Michigan Opera Theatre’s new artistic director is stretching the bounds building a new audience by respecting and meeting them where they are, while keeping the devotee alike engaged, enthralled and excited.

“It’s such a musical city. Opera feels like it just absolutely belongs and that is what I would love to see happen which includes going to where good music is happening, going in honor of Queen Aretha,” added Sharon.

Not only is it a place where Detroit residents are accustomed to hearing fine music. Seeing the beautiful ripples of the Detroit river dance in the backdrop and enjoying boaters bootlegging a water view of the arts.

This is the heart and soul of everything the Michigan Opera Theatre is working to embody in a community that can appreciate innovation of all kinds.

Masks are required at the show.

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