Motor City Match winners hoping to make mark on Motown with new studio

New recording studio located in heart of Detroit

Motor City Match winners hoping to make mark on Motown with new studio
Motor City Match winners hoping to make mark on Motown with new studio

DETROIT – In a city rich with musical history a husband and wife duo are hoping to make their mark on Motown.

Robin and Mike Kinnie are the founders of Audio Engineers of Detroit, a new recording studio that just opened in Midtown.

Mike was able to make his 20-year dream come true with the help of money set aside for entrepreneurs in Detroit.

“The first month of operation has been outstanding,” said Robin Kinnie with Audio Engineers of Detroit.

The couple says that’s really an understatement.

“Right after we opened our doors to the public our phones started ringing. We started receiving e-mails and not just from, in the city, but the Metro Detroit region,” said Robin.

And things haven’t slowed down at all. They recently opened up a state-of-the-art recording studio in the heart of Detroit.

Michael has been dreaming of this very moment for years.

“I always wanted to have my own studio. It was just one of those things, where I said hey, one day, I’m going to open up my own recording studio and also be able to have a school with it to be able to teach the technology also,” said Michael.

And now they’re able to do that. They’re Motor City Match program winners. Michael and Robin are using this opportunity and funding to help and teach others.

“I think what Mike and Robin are doing is amazing, because as it grows, I think the opportunities are going to be limitless for the people of the community,” said Phillip Pierce II.

Pierce II graduated from college with a music degree. He’s now a music producer and glad he can do what he loves in the city that he loves.

“I’m from the city. Having a studio here, where community can form and people can really grow their skills is very important,” said Pierce II.

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