Troy resident scammed out of $3,450 while trying to buy Shih Tzu dogs online

Resident received multiple requests for additional money over email

A Troy resident was scammed out of $3,450 while trying to make a purchase online. (Pexels)

TROY, Mich. – A Troy resident was scammed out of thousands of dollars while trying to buy Shih Tzu dogs online, officials said.

On Aug. 27, a resident on Jackson Drive was looking to buy two Shih Tzu dogs and ended up on a website called “Fur Shih Tzu Puppies.” The resident agreed to buy two dogs and sent $1,450 to a Gmail account through Zelle, via Bank of America, according to authorities.

The dogs were supposed to be sent from Helena, Montana, police said.

Two days later, the Troy resident was contacted by a different email address, this time asking for an additional $2,000 for dog crates, according to police. Officials said the sender claimed to be from Sky West Airlines.

The Troy resident paid the money and was given a tracking number of a flight, authorities said.

The victim was later contacted by a third email account -- another Gmail -- asking for an additional $1,000, police said. Bank of America recognized that email as being associated with a scam and stopped the transaction, Troy police said.

Overall, the resident was scammed out of $3,450, officials said.

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