Event venues throughout Metro Detroit step up safety measures as COVID cases continue rising

Venues advise people to stay home if they feel sick

Date nights have become harder during the pandemic

DETROIT – Date nights during the pandemic have become more difficult to plan due to safety concerns and protocols.

As another landmark Detroit venue prepares to open again, we wanted to check on policies and procedures you might run into. We found it is big-name performers who have a lot of pull when it comes to safety precautions.

You will likely always remember where you saw a movie when you see it at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) Detroit Film Theatre. Its beautiful vintage interior is always a character in the experience of seeing a film here. Now the theatre is preparing to open again Oct. 15 with a stunning line-up of movies worthy of first dates and family nights alike.

“We have films from Kosovo. We have films from Ethiopia. Films from Hong Kong. Films from Japan. Films from Nigeria,” said Elliot Wilhelm of the Detroit Film Theatre.

There will be strict safety protocols in place. The theatre will only open at a 30 percent capacity. For those 12 years and older you will have to show proof of vaccination and identification to prove that it’s you and remain masked while at the Detroit Film Theatre.

“We made the best choices we could,” said Wilhelm.

For many venues there is a baseline of safety measures. The Meadow Brook Theatre which has a full line-up of what it bills as broadway calibre performances has a mask-on inside the venue rule, regardless of vaccine status because you are on the Oakland University campus.

A big point is made that all staffers and performers are fully vaccinated and they kindly ask you to reciprocate and get vaccinated.

Many venues throughout Metro Detroit are advising people to stay home if they are sick.

“We want people to concentrate on the screen and not worry about what’s going on around them,” said Wilhelm.

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