Michigan redistricting map draws anger from both parties

GOP issues response

Democrats and Republicans react to Michigan redistricting map

DETROIT – The process surrounding redrawing Michigan’s political maps has been anything but easy.

To date, it has both parties criticizing the citizens commission charged with drawing up state legislation and congressional districts.

On Tuesday, that commission released two new potential maps.

For years it was up to the Michigan Legislature to draw these political maps which had to conform to federal standards.

The complaint was that Michigan Republicans who were in control the last time drew districts advantageous to themselves. A federal judicial panel found the current maps to be gerrymandered to historic proportions.

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To try and alleviate that voters approved what is supposed to be a non-partisan citizen commission to draw these maps.

The commission has been getting heaps of criticism from both parties on suggested maps and the process it’s going through.

To date, the commission has just started releasing potential maps for public hearings and the permutations run the gamut.

The Michigan GOP issued this response on Tuesday.

“They’ve failed to follow the rules when it comes to imposed deadlines, priorities, and transparency. We’ll continue to monitor this process closely,” read the response from the GOP.

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