Residents of Detroit apartment building wait months for lone elevator to be repaired

There are nearly 90 apartments at New Center Plaza, located between Second Avenue and the Lodge Freeway in Detroit.

DETROIT – There are nearly 90 apartments at New Center Plaza, located between Second Avenue and the Lodge Freeway in Detroit.

The building only has one elevator, which was damaged in the floods over summer. The apartment’s management said they’re working with insurance companies, but residents want answers.

A city inspector visit the four-story building Friday. Families inside have only been able to use the stairwell since June.

Residents said they did not want to be identified and are worried their rent will be increased, their lease won’t be renewed or some other retaliation.

“These guys are not compliant. They know that and I feel like it’s pretty simple,” said one resident. “A lot of elderly people, they’re going through surgeries right now and they’re not able to get up and down the stairs. It’s a real inconvenience to everyone.”

“There’s been roaches one day, elevators out the next, laundries out the next. Handrails are falling off the stairwells,” one woman said. “Elevators been out now for almost four months. I can’t bring groceries up the stairs. I can’t do laundry when I bring my laundry downstairs, the washers don’t even work.”

The owners of the 675 Seward Avenue received a correction order from the city. The inspector found numerous violations, noting ceiling and wall damage, unsecured stairwell handrails and an infestation.

The owner was required to get a building permit and fix the elevator.

“They know these violations exists. They’ve been served the notices and they’ve done nothing,” one resident said. “It seems like nothing’s happening. All the violations are still existing and it’s still a problem.”

Golden Management put a notice up Thursday that said they’re working with their insurance provider and are asking residents for patience.

“Who am I supposed to go to to help fix this problem? Who was in charge? I go to the managers they say it’s up to the boss. The city says ‘We’ll talk to the manager,’” said another resident. “It’s just been an ongoing circle and at this point we just don’t know what are what our recourse is.”

Golden Management said they spent $18,000 to fix the elevator, but it was a total loss. Built in the 1950s, the complex needs a remodernization. Detroit city officials said they are working with with owners to speed up repairs.

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