Incident involving high school student raises concerns about pedestrian safety on busy Rochester Hills road

High school senior hit walking home from school

Many people are sending prayers and support to Stoney Creek senior Elisa Volcic, who was walking when she was hit by another student behind the wheel. The location of the incident has become an ongoing concern for people who live in the area.

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. – Many people are sending prayers and support to Stoney Creek High School senior Elisa Volcic. She was walking Monday afternoon when she was hit by another student who was behind the wheel. Volcic has broken bones and a traumatic brain injury.

The community has already raised more than $100,000 for her recovery. Click here to donate.

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Volcic was hit on Tienken Road near Clear Creek Drive in Rochester Hills. It’s about a mile away from the high school and Hart Middle School.

It’s a path a lot of students from both schools take to get home as well as dog walkers, joggers and people riding their bikes.

“It’s loud, it’s close, and when you get to the historical district part, that’s when the sidewalk ends,” said Bryan Hay.

Hay lives nearby and walks his dog Tucker on Tienken Road every day. He knows firsthand how the route can go from a nice stroll to scary.

The alternate route would still require students to cross at Clear Creek Drive but instead of continuing on Tienken Road, they would walk behind Van Hoosen Farm Park and Rochester Hills Museum.

It may take a little longer to get to the destination, but for people like Chris Parent, it’s the route he prefers for bike rides with his 3-year-old son Luke.

“We’re trying to stay away from out there (Tienken Road) and come in here where it’s safer because there’s a lot less traffic,” said Parent.

It was heartbreaking to hear someone was hit Monday afternoon.

“It’s a shame, of course,” Parent said.

“It’s very sad, very sad. It shouldn’t happen.” Hay said.

Hay also mentioned Volcic wasn’t the first person hit by a car in that area.

“I think the person I bought my condo from actually got hit by a car in this area. That was years ago, but he was never the same after.”

Now, with one high school senior in critical condition, the question remains: How do you prevent this from happening again?

“I’m not sure how much can be done because it is the historical district. I don’t think it’s that they can put a sidewalk in,” Hay said.

“We’re on the border between Rochester. Rochester Hills and each city has their own way of doing things, which is fine, but of course as a pedestrian and someone who likes riding bikes, we should definitely have more sidewalks,” said Parent.

Multiple parents told Local 4 that something needs to be done to ensure pedestrian safety, especially for kids who walk home. Some are no longer letting their kids walk to or from school. They also mention they are reaching out to the school and law enforcement to see what more can be done like more signage, lowering the speed limit or adding a crossing guard.

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