Roseville police investigating vandalism of church

‘God is gonna turn it around for the good’

Many are calling this a disgusting case of vandalism that took a Roseville church by surprise

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Many are calling this a disgusting case of vandalism that took a Roseville church by surprise, after the church has already gotten over one major obstacle in the past.

“It’s hurtful that they would do this to God’s house,” said Pastor Darrell Moore of Greater New Life church.

Moore can’t wrap his mind around why anyone would want to deface his church after his was painted with swatsikas, the letters “JDS” and the word “Die” all over the outside of the building.

“I was here til about 10 o’clock last night,” Moore said. “I left here. Everything was fine, until I come in this morning and the neighbor shows me all of this.”

The vandalism happened either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, taking place just a few years after the church bounced back from a major disaster.

“We had a fire in 2014 and demolished the whole building,” Moore said. “So, 2016, we were finally able to get it rebuilt.”

Police are investigating the incident. Despite the discouragement and visual eyesore, Moore remains optimistic in repainting the church to rid the walls of the racist symbolism spray painted in the multiple colors.

“It’s disheartening, but we’re still encouraged to go in the name of the lord,” Moore said.

This man of God has a message for whoever may be responsible.

“Whoever did it, if they think they gonna stop us, they got another thought coming,” Moore said. “You put the word ‘die’ on there. It means victory for me. God is gonna have the last laugh. You might have did it for evil. But, I’m determined to believe that God is gonna turn it around for the good.”

Unfortunately no security cameras were installed on the side of the building where the vandalism took place, but those will now be installed as soon as next week. Those with any information on who did this are asked to contact Roseville police department.

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