Protest sparked by Oakland County school district’s effort to promote diversity, equality

Many opposed Farmington Public School district’s participation in ‘equity challenge’

Emotions ran high in Oakland county over the district’s efforts to promote diversity and equality. Results saw participants from the districts republican party stage a protest outside Tuesday (Jan. 11) night’s board meeting in Farmington over parts of ‘equity challenge.’

FARMINGTON, Mich – Emotions ran high in Oakland County over the Farmington Public School district’s efforts to promote diversity and equality.

Members of the district’s Republican party staged a protest outside of Tuesday’s board meeting in Farmington over an “equity challenge.”

Oakland County Republicans urged their supporters to come out, holding signs asking to keep politics out of education. Many demonstrators joined the protest, even people who don’t have students in the district.

Some participants included the heads of the Oakland County Democrats like Jody Job, and Rocky Raczkowski of the Oakland County Republican Party.

“We’re with you Oakland County and Farmington schools,” Job said. “As you engage in the difficult work of diversity, equity and inclusion.”

“And for the school district to say that the United States is not a land of opportunity is a microaggression,” Raczkowski said. “That’s what I stand to fight against.”

Both parties weighed in on the 21-day Equity Challenge, which is no longer visible on the school’s website. The program is meant to explore race, class, privilege and identity, among other topics.

Some of that is what brought out the protesters.

“In my view, diversity, equity and inclusion is nothing more than basic fairness and respect for the dignity for all people, no matter who they are,” said one protester.

“This 21-day challenge isn’t educating people, it’s selling them their own oppression,” said another protester.

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